07. January 2006 · Comments Off on What’s a Name, Anyway? · Categories: imported, Ramble

Since I decided to rename Scott Spiegelberg (I typed in Spiegelman, if I remember correctly) I thought now would be a good time to talk about my name.

Because, as everyone knows who knows me, I can turn absolutely anything into something about me. It’s a talent. I run with it. Ya gotta run with something you’re good at … don’t you?

Anyway, my name is Patty. Or Patricia. It is not Pat. It is not Patti. It is not Pattie. It’s also not Palredio. (I got mail addressed to Palredio Mitchell years and years ago.) I’m Patty or Patricia Mitchell. It’s not Mitchel, and it’s not Mitchelle.

I know this is life changing news for some of you, but there you go. I’m sure you can take this information and do something useful with it. You could, for instance, make checks out to Patricia Mitchell and send them to me. Or gifts. Gifts will work too. And, most importantly, you can send reeds. My contact address is on this page.

Yes, I’m just sitting here typing nonsense. I can’t help myself; I’ve been sent to my room by my 16 year old son. He and some friends are working on a video project for their English class and, well, having your old mother sitting there watching you do video work is so … like … UNCOOL. Especially when two of the four students are very cute girls.

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