Reading a review of the Boston Symphony Chamber Players, I come across this paragraph:

”Quiet City” is Copland’s reworking of some incidental music he wrote for a play by Irwin Shaw in 1939; it depicts urban night thoughts, and the echoing lonely voices are those of trumpet (Charles Schlueter) and oboe (John Ferrillo). The oboist sounded more poised and flexible than the trumpeter, but at his best Schlueter offered a darkly plaintive quality of tone.

There’s a problem with this paragraph unless something was altered.

Anyone know why?

(Answer tomorrow if no one can answer this tonight!)

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I know I blog more than some people. Maybe I even blog more than a lot of people. I just like to yak this way. What can I say? (Well, I obviously can say a lot, can’t I? Or at least I can take up a lot of space; I’m not sure how much I’m saying!)

But how do you know if a blog has died if the blogger doesn’t say goodbye? I have links to several blogs that seem to have stopped posting all together. Others blog very seldom and I just don’t know what to do about them. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have them take up a bit of space at my site. I just like things to be clean, and these blogs seem … well … a bit dusty to me!

Believe me, I visit a whole lot more arts sites I have included here. I have bookmarked a huge number of sites that I actually look at frequently. And I’m thinking perhaps it’s time to switch some of the blogs on my home page with some of the bookmarked sites.

So to those of you who are “on my right” (the blogroll), do let me know if you will be hurt and/or horrified if you are removed, please! If I see you haven’t posted for 3 weeks or so I might switch you out. It’s not like I won’t visit you … but it seems that checking on you daily is maybe a bit of overkill!

Of course maybe checking on anyone daily is overkill? Hmmm.

(By they way, I don’t care if someone doesn’t link to me … I link to what I like and I never ask anyone to link to me in response.)

and it is cut & pasted below, exactly as I found it:

god gave us music so that we can prey without words

– st augustine

I’m still laughing.

But this is a good reminder to always verify quotes, yes?

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When someone writes “pun unintentional” does he or she really mean it? Why, then, does a person even put something in that can be seen as a pun?

Just wondering.

Looks like Lestat (the new musical) isn’t doing well in ReviewLand. It’s not fun to read those when you are a member the pit, even though it all has little—or nothing—to do with you. I remember working so hard on Hans Christian Anderson and having it bashed to pieces by everyone. It was painful to read all the reviews. I’m guessing the musicians feel the same about this musical, although I’ve not talked to the players yet. Ah well. That’s show biz.

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I observe that there is a good deal of German music on the program, which is rather more to my taste than Italian or French. It is introspective and I want to introspect.

-Sherlock Holmes (from The Red Headed League )