and it is cut & pasted below, exactly as I found it:

god gave us music so that we can prey without words

– st augustine

I’m still laughing.

But this is a good reminder to always verify quotes, yes?


  1. LOL!!!

    Reminds me of the time a student wrote a paper about a work of art in which the subjects (out on a lawn, enjoying a picnic or something) were having an “idol moment.”

    Maybe if they were eating chocolate? 🙂

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I’m still laughing … well, inside, anyway … about this one!

    And of course it’s important to not only verify quotes, but to proofread. And maybe understand the English language!

    “Idol moment” is fantastic!

    My husband collects these from his students’ papers (yes, he warns them that they may be put up at his site) and some are just hysterical. Say, for instance, “The strings play high tones and the tampons create a low rumbling sound to finally end the piece.” And then there’s, “[The Renaissance ballett] is homophobic while Madrigals combine polyphobic and homophobic.” And, finally, “Shania Twain, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson (A student naming “three female vocal ranges, from low to high.”)”

    Want more?