Okay … I know this one is a mistake!

The Lowdown on the Bassoon
By James M. Keller
21 Dec 2005

James M. Keller talks to New York Philharmonic principal bassist Judith LeClair, who takes center stage when the orchestra plays Weber‚s Bassoon Concerto starting December 28.

I’m assuming you will spot this mistake, but in case you don’t know who LeClair is, she’s the principal bassoonist of the NYP. She doesn’t play bass. The error wasn’t made by the author of the article, which you might want to check out, but by the person who wrote the introductory paragraph.

Proofreading is a good habit. And maybe having someone else proofread as well! I can’t tell you how many errors I make at this little site. (Although I’m guessing a lot of you can tell me, eh?) That’s one reason why I really don’t mind having a reader contact me to point out a problem. Really.

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There is a version of Quiet City for oboe, trumpet and strings. So the reviewer was correct, Ferrillo did, indeed, play oboe on the work, and my post was wrong. Ah well. That’s not uncommon.

I do think, though, that the English horn timbre would better suit the work.

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Because you’ll probably save a lot of money if you just buy this.

Ah yes, learn oboe via a subliminal learning CD.

Now if they can just find something to make my oboe reeds I’ll be set.

Oh … and if you buy 2 CDs you get a third free! There are so many selections available, too. After this morning I do believe I need the “Waking Up On Time” CD (But thanks, Dan, for waking me! I’ll skip “Charm Skillful Flirting”, but there is a “Voice Training and Singing On Pitch” CD and I’ve always hated that I don’t sing very well. My siblings were blessed with great voices. Not I.

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Sarah, from A Glass of Chianti, wins the prize for her very quick response (14 minutes after I posted the entry!) and correct answer to yesterday’s question:

Maybe I know… is it that the “oboe” was actually an English horn? Maybe?

And she’s got it.

Ahhh. I see that Terminal Degree answered correctly as well. (For those of you who don’t know, Cor Anglais is the same as English horn. And the British say CA not EH. Just FYI.) Anyway, smart women, eh?! 🙂

So now my question is … did the reviewer get things wrong? (Horrors! The difference between an oboe and English horn is pretty obvious, and of course anyone who does his or her homework knows that Quiet City is for English horn, trumpet and strings.), or did they re-orchestrate the work (I can’t imagine that but I suppose it’s possible). Anyway, it’s a puzzlement and I would love to have someone solve this for me.


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It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception.

-Albert Einstein (when asked about his theory of relativity)