13. January 2006 · Comments Off on Worth a Look See (& Listen) · Categories: imported, Ramble

I found a link to an interesting video via Adventures in Opera Singing. (You can actually see the video at this first link, btw.) The video, called A Most Famous Work of Art is of people’s reactions as they look at a famous work. For now, here are two things: 1) I knew what the work was prior to the filmmaker letting me know. Why? I’m not certain … but I knew, and there was absolutely no question in my mind. 2) I think the music makes us view the video differently. What if, for instance, the person had chosen something other than Bach? What if he’d chosen a pop tune? (I’d make a suggestion, but I don’t want to give any clues about the work and I fear that if I suggest something you all would try to guess why it connects to what is being seen.) I think then the faces would have looked different to me, but of course I can’t say for sure. I do think putting the music in was, for me, distracting. It added … I dunno … a seriousness that I then carried over to faces.

Is this just me, though? Thoughts?

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