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Rufus Olivier will be soloing with the Oakland East Bay Symphony next Friday night, and there is a nice article about him in Inside Bay Area. Of course you should first attend the Chamber Music Concert that Symphony Silicon Valley is presenting on Tuesday, but Rufus is a great bassoonist so why not make it two concerts for the week? Better yet, you could also attend the Symphony Silicon Valley full orchestra concert on either Saturday or Sunday too. Now wouldn’t that be a grand week?

Rufus is a wonderful guy … easy to talk to and always fun to be with. A while back he was featured in an issue—and landed on the front cover!—of International Musician magazine, and I love seeing him get some attention. He deserves it.

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On occasion I have to go back to my old site to search for something I know I blogged about. I’ve finally compiled all of my entries on one page. There are still missing links and missing pictures, but at least I can find things easier now. it’s sort of fun to see what I blogged about when I began this adventure. Some things are still the same, as you will see if you check out the page. I was silly them, and I’m silly now. I wanted students to practice scales and work on reeds then and of course that hasn’t changed. How ’bout that?

In Other News, I just heard from Drew McManus over at Adaptistration. He and two other bloggers attended Chamber Music America’s 28th Annual National Conference, and they had a panel on blogging. If you go to this page you can see a picture that Jerry Bowles (another panelist, along with Alex Shapiro) posted, and you look very carefully, you can see my site on the screen on your left. That was fun to see! (Thanks, Drew, for alerting me to this!)

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The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen.

-Duke Ellington

First someone lands here because of a search of nude + oboe. Now someone arrived because of naked + ballet.

Um. I don’t get it! This is a family safe site.

Isn’t it?

But, that being said, I have never clothed my oboe, nor shall I ever begin to do so. I also play a nude English horn. I’m sure you can live with that thought.