17. January 2006 · Comments Off on New Music (For Me, Anyway) · Categories: imported, Ramble

I was a member of emusic.com for a short time, and managed to pick up a number of oboe works. Most were older works on the Naxos label, but I also found an Alex Klein CD of Martinu, Sydor and Yano. All three works on the CD are new to me, as are the two latter composers. I burned a CD last night of the Martinu and Yano (the Sydor didn’t fit, and it turns out it’s actually a double CD in the real world). I’m absolutely stunned at what Klein can play, but I’d heard him on some Telemann and Bach which astounded me as well, so that didn’t totally surprise me. I was shocked, though, when the music suddenly stopped in the middle of the Yano first movement, and then, in the second there was this huge pop that nearly sent me driving off the road. Sigh. The second movement of the Yano sounded lovely—at least what I heard of it! Unfortunately there was either a glitch in the burning, downloading or else emusic has a problem with some of their tracks. But I can tell this is going to be a “must have” so if there is a problem with my copies I’ll simply have to purchase the double CD set. It’s well worth the money, in my little opinion.

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