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I just read this:

Paremski performed three encore pieces and stuck around afterward to sign autographs. As she mingled with the crowd after the concert, people noticed her red and swollen fingers with shock and sympathy. Paremski laughed it off. “This happens every single day. It’s no big deal,” she said.

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I hadn’t really ever thought about this before, nor have I seen a pianist’s fingers after a long recital. Does this happen to everyone? Hmmm. It would be a big deal to me!

I also read this, from the same blogger*:

I made my stage debut Tuesday night, helping American Musical Theatre of San Jose announce the lineup for its 72nd season, starting this fall. I was only on the Center for Performing Arts stage for about two minutes but it felt like an eternity. Two things I learned: 1) Your heart doesn’t actually burst out of your chest no matter how nervous you get; 2) You can get discombobulated saying “I’ve never spoken to such a large audience before” if you can’t see the large audience because of the spotlights. All you stage veterans out there are probably rolling your eyes right now, but seriously I didn’t know you couldn’t see the crowd. Anyway, it gave me a deep appreciation for any performer.

(Complete blog entry found here.*)

Yep. Yep.

Mind you, it’s speaking in public that can really get me (although not always; sometimes I get the microphone and get quite power hungry or something and enjoy myself tremendously! Go figure.) But most often my tongue gets ten times bigger (or so it feels). I shake. The nerves are awful. However I don’t get the same reaction to playing. I suppose it’s just because I’ve done it for so long. It doesn’t mean I never get nervous—believe me I do! But I don’t have any problem with my tongue, and I don’t get “note tied” as I might get tongue tied. Thank God!

*sorry, these blog entries are gone now.

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