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Ah … those annoying people who talk at concerts. Don’t you just want to hit them over the head? I sure do. I read this:

The evening came upon us quicker than you might think possible;—anyway, it was time for the opera.—As far as the performance of this opera is concerned I cannot tell you anything special, because I was talking too much.

Yikes, this person not only talked during the opera, but he admitted it. In writing. The nerve. I’d like to hunt him down … but unfortunately he’s dead.

Silly Mozart.

(I’m reading Mozart’s Letters, Mozart’s Life right now, in case you’re wondering where I found this.)

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You are requesting that I take the young Salzburger into your service. I don’t know nor do I believe that you would need a composer or useless people. If that would give you pleasure, I don’t want to keep you from it. What I am saying is to prevent you from being burdened with useless people and give titles to them. Having people like that in your service degrades such service, when they are going around the world like beggars.

Empress Maria Theresa, Germany (In response to her son’s, the Archduke Ferdinand, request for advice on offering Mozart a position at the court of Milan.)