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You can purchase the entire opera, William Tell, on iTunes for only $9.99. This is a four disk set! That price is absolutely amazing. You will be hearing Pavarotti, MIlnes, Ghiaurov and Freni, along with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of London, conducted by Riccardo Chailly.

Go for it! How can you lose?

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(You can make one too!)

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Yes, we all know that Mozart’s 250th birthday is rapidly approaching. Yes, it means nearly every orchestra will play Mozart this year. And yes, that is okay because Mozart deserves to be played, contrary to what Norman Lebrecht might think.

But is it necessary to have a bra that, when unfastened, plays Eine Kleine Nachtmusik? Really. I checked this out. Articles are plentiful that include this bra news. (Not that all the articles deal primarily with this news, but they do mention the creation.)

If only I’d known! I could have purchased one for this week’s concerts. Of course one has to hope the bra doesn’t malfunction in the middle of a concert.

But here’s an idea; have an entire orchestra wear the bras and “set them off” (in some decent, non-offensive way of course) in a concert. I guess that might be a bit more than a “little” night music though, eh?

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Last night and today were our Symphony Silicon Valley concerts which included Brahms’ First Symphony. I have to say it was a very wonderful week resulting in excellent concerts. Having George Cleve at the podium, doing both Mozart and Brahms … well … who could ask for anything more?! The Maestro is fabulous with these composers. During the Brahms there was a moment where I thought, “I’m going to cry!” because it was so exquisitely beautiful. But of course one doesn’t cry while one is on stage no matter … right? Still, those brass chorales … man, oh man … they can be incredible; the “chills due to great beauty” were definitely there. I suspect that the audience felt it too. At least the ones who were awake (Sunday afternoons do bring in some snoozers as well as listeners).

So what a good week!

Now it’s on to San Jose Chamber Orchestra and more Mozart. I’m fine with that.

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The study of the oboe is full of traps for the student, and he must deploy great perseverance in order to arrive at a clean execution and attain a certain facility. As much as the tone of the oboe can be soft and velvety (albeit a littel nasal) when in the hands of a skilled virtuoso, it can be sour and screeching when the player is inexperienced or lacks the taste of a true artist.

-Pierre Larousse (Grand Dictionnaire universel – 1800s?)