22. January 2006 · Comments Off on Back Home · Categories: imported, Ramble

Last night and today were our Symphony Silicon Valley concerts which included Brahms’ First Symphony. I have to say it was a very wonderful week resulting in excellent concerts. Having George Cleve at the podium, doing both Mozart and Brahms … well … who could ask for anything more?! The Maestro is fabulous with these composers. During the Brahms there was a moment where I thought, “I’m going to cry!” because it was so exquisitely beautiful. But of course one doesn’t cry while one is on stage no matter … right? Still, those brass chorales … man, oh man … they can be incredible; the “chills due to great beauty” were definitely there. I suspect that the audience felt it too. At least the ones who were awake (Sunday afternoons do bring in some snoozers as well as listeners).

So what a good week!

Now it’s on to San Jose Chamber Orchestra and more Mozart. I’m fine with that.

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