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I had mentioned emusic a while back, and told readers that they could get 100 “songs” for free if they signed on via a Cardio Vascular Disease site. Yeah, I think it’s a bit odd too, but heck, 100 free tunes is 100 free tunes (and you can quote me on that!).

After downloading my free fifty tunes (I didn’t know about this other deal until it was too late) I went on for another month because I forgot to cancel. Truth be told, though, there were a lot of things that were worth downloading. One of those was the Alex Klein double CD set that included Martinu and Yano. I mentioned a few weeks ago that there was a glitch in my burned CD, though. Ah well. I hoped it was just a burning problem.

Not so.

I went to listen to the actual download and it has the same problems. Ah well. I wrote to them but haven’t heard back.

Yesterday I went for at least another month of emusic; I needed a recording of the Cimarosa for a student (hi Madeline … I now have the recording!), and shoot, it’s a whole lot quicker than ordering something online and having it mailed to me! I’ve also found that I can then go to naxos.com for any downloads that are theirs and I can get program notes. Cool! But as I was listening to yet another download it had a glitch. Say what!? Maybe emusic needs some hired listeners to assist them? I’d gladly offer my services. I have a good ear. Honest.

So anyway, this long ramble is to remind you all, once again, that you can get some music for free. But just be prepared for a few glitches along the way. Still, it’s worth it for me; I’ve found recordings that I needed to study and what a speedy way to get them!

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Our age of mechanisation leads along a road ending with man himself as a machine; only the spirit of singing can save us from this fate.

-Zoltán Kodály