24. January 2006 · Comments Off on Typical Me · Categories: imported, Ramble

Today at UCSC is a “field trip” day. Remember those? I loved them when I was in elementary school because we often went to places that gave us free stuff. I didn’t care what the “stuff” was. It was free. That was all that mattered. In junior high and high school I liked them because I usually got to hang with friends and of course skipped school at the same time. Those were the days.

But this is university … field trips don’t really happen, do they? But we are doing one anyway. We are going to the library. I hear it’s a walk away from the music building yet I’ve never been there. So Sara will guide me and then we will look at some books I’ve been interested in. I want to see what’s in the music library—UCSC is always ready and willing to purchase music and I know we need some additions to the oboe stash there. So I’m looking forward to this!

The thing is, I didn’t bring my oboe and music since I knew we wouldn’t be playing. Wouldn’t you know it, I really would like to leave “my” coffeeshop and go practice. Now.

I always want to practice when I can’t. Go figure.

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