Reading this from A Monk’s Musical Musings (Are you really a monk? I’m guessing not! But I’m so gullible I’ll believe you if you tell me you are. And, by the way, your “Favorite Books” scare me!):

Anyway, it’s now on its way back to me. What I find most irritating however, is that my $2,000.00, one-of-a-kind, custom made, fretted eleven-string Glissentar electric classical guitar SAT OUTSIDE ON HIS PORCH ALL WEEKEND!!!

I’m reminded of the time my husband spotted my oboe sitting by our front door, having been shipped back from the repair shop. It did have “Signature Required” on the box, but UPS has never bothered with that sort of thing. Maybe their drivers can’t read. I dunno. But this has happened far too many times so I vowed, from then on out, to drive the two hour drive (one way, mind you) to pick up my dear friends.

Hmmm. Speaking of which, “Oboe A” has been in the shop since January 9. I guess I should call and see what’s up. I just hope it’s not that it need major work. $500 on “Oboe 1” was expected, but “A” appeared to be in fairly good shape.


  1. That happened to me with DSL. Twice. In bad weather, on my doorstep. With a big sign on the package that said “signature required.”

    And the repair company I used had a policy that they would ONLY use DSL, even when I explained the problem.

    I now ship to a different repair tech.

    Oh, and then there was the time that UPS threw a package onto my balcony. With my instrument inside.

  2. No, I’m not a “real” monk, but I did stay at a Holliday Inn Express last night (Sorry. Couldn’t resist). I got that nic from a friend who used to say, “He’s monk for his music,” which is sort of true. And of course Hucbald was the original musical monk, so… well, you get the idea: Both nics kind of stuck.