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Pliable, over at On An Overgrown Path blogs about music blogging perks … and I’m jealous! I’ve not received any CDs in my mailbox. Sniffle sniffle.

This isn’t fair … is it? (And yeah, “Life isn’t fair” was something my poor kids heard me say a lot as they were growing up. But shoot … I was talking about them. Surely it should be fair when it comes to my life. Right?)

So send those CDs! Send those cards and letters! Send reeds! Heck … send cash if you’d like. No one’s stopping you! 🙂

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My dearest Papa!

I cannot write Poetically; I am not a Poet. I cannot arrange my words so artfully that they reflect shadow and light; I am not a painter. I cannot even express my feelings and thoughts through gestures and Pantomimes; I am not a dancer. But I can do it with the sounds of music; I am a Musikus. Tomorrow at Cannabich’s I will play a whole congratulatory arrangement on the Clavier for both your Name Day and Birthday. Today I can only wish you with all my heart, Mon Trés cher Pére, what I wish for you every day, mornings and evenings; goode health, a long life, and a cheerful heart.

-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (November 8, 1777)