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Most of the hits at this site are due to fairly predictable searches. Some are looking for oboe auditions, some for oboe teachers, and some are searching on a double reed player’s name (I wonder how many of us searching on our own names?!). I rarely see searches that don’t make sense, although I sometimes run across a doozy and then of course I have to share!

Today the odd searches can’t qualify as doozies, but here are a few with comments:
the simpsons theme song for oboe (um … there are a whole lot of instruments in the theme song so I’m having a rough time hearing it for solo oboe, but if the searcher found it do tell!)

  • sleeping on the job (No, I’ve not ever done this. I’ve felt like it on occasion, but it’s too difficult to play oboe and sleep at the same time.)
  • hertelendy blog (If you are looking for the reviewer, Paul Hertelendy, go here. He doesn’t seem to review anything I’m in any longer. I wonder what’s up with that?)
  • oboe stuck swab (Come for a visit! I have a swab remover and I’ll gladly help. I recommend using a soft cotton swab that can’t pull all the way through the top joint. It will never get stuck! I use one that is a t-shirt like material. It’s quite nice. Silk ones knot too easily and they also don’t absorb much moisture.)
  • learning through music quotes (Well, I don’t know what you’ll learn, but you’ll find plenty of music quotes here!)
  • oboe finger picture (Hmmm. Which finger? We use more than one, you know? Perhaps you mean Fingering Chart?)
  • making knife tutorial (Sorry. Can’t help you.)
  • hate oboe (Awwww. C’mon.)
  • where do the musicians stand in the orchestra (We sit. In most groups, anyway. And it differs … if you go to orchestra sites sometimes they show you pictures which might help.)
  • grove music password does anyone know (Um. Wouldn’t that be illegal?)
  • orchestra stereotypes joke (If you find it, let me know!)
  • symphony for oboe (Gee, a symphony just for oboe!? Cool!)
  • Keep up the searching. And if you land here, drop me a line! 🙂

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