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It’s all about editing, sound and music, folks.

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Magritte’s Apple will be hosting a Carnival of Music on February 13 and is, in fact, the new host of CoM.

What does this mean to me? Eh … just that I’ll check it out, of course. But if anyone wants some blogattention that’s one way to get it. I’ve never submitted anything. I’m waiting to post something so exquisitely perfect that it has to be submitted. I suspect I’ll be waiting long, long time. But forever is such a nice time to wait. Or maybe not. 😉

In other news … I’m at my Santa Cruz coffeeshop again. Some folks think I drink coffee all the time simply because I blog from here once a week. Not so! I never drink coffee at home—it’s all about hot water and an occasional hot cocoa at home. (Yes, I really do drink plain old hot water. Like an old lady.) But I like this place, and it’s especially fun today as they are playing all Beatles. I look around at people who are, I suspect, younger than I, and I wonder if they know these tunes like I do. (They do if they have a daughter like mine‐hi Kelsey!—who loves The Beatles. Now our younger son, Jameson, is enjoying them as well, and, in fact, will be singing versions of The Beatles’ music at this week’s Java & Jazz concerts.) Anyway, I’m enjoying myself.

Soon it’s time for the drive up the hill. I need to take a look-see once more at the Boheme part, and I brought Barber’s Canzonetta along with me since I enjoyed it so much yesterday; perhaps I’ll get to perform the work someday, so I want to see how it sits on the oboe. I was thinking about practicing Cage’s 4’33” but I’m just not sure I want to give it the time today. That work, actually, would be perfect for you apartment dwellers! You’ll not hear anyone complaining about your practice time, right? (Note to my students: NO, you may not practice that and include it on your practice charts. So sorry!)

For those of you who might think I’m making fun of Mr. Cage, please know I think there is merit to what he did. I think many of his works aren’t just about the musicians and what they do, but the audience and how they react. I tend to think of some of his stuff more as performance art than pure music. (Sure, I can be wrong about this, so you can tell me so if you want.) So while I might be funnin’ with you right here, I’m not entirely dissing the man. I can’t say I like all his stuff, but he causes people to think. And thinking is good. Don’t you think?

Well, this video shows that the oboe section could really use some work. What weak playing. Oh well. I wonder if they even bothered to practice at all.

Then again, perhaps you disagree? Do tell!


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I have nothing to say
and I am saying it
and that is poetry
as I needed it

-John Cage