First located here at Les Histories de Moi I have done my “word cloud” at It is so cool! I have to get one of these shirts. (I plan on a black shirt with white print. I think.



  1. Yay!  I love that musicians all have the word “audition” at the top….  sigh…. that’s life!

    I got a navy t-shirt with orange print.  🙂

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Hi Melissa,

    I”m so glad you found that site! I did another one just because I like these so much. Thing is, I’ve not heard back from them. Did it take a while for you to get an email.

    Ah yes … “audition” is a word we use far too much, don’t you think? I would guess singers have to deal with auditions MUCH more than we instrumentalists. (Me? I don’t “do” auditions anymore. But I’m fortunate enough to have two regular gigs. Whew.)

    Love your blog! 🙂