08. February 2006 · Comments Off on I Wasn’t Going To Say Anything · Categories: imported, Ramble

I knew about this on Monday, but I hadn’t wanted to blog about it, not knowing if it was public knowledge. But since the local paper has the announcement, and it’s other places as well, I guess it’s no secret.

So here it is: the author of Mozart in the Jungle, Blair Tindall, and Bill Nye the Science Guy were married last Friday.

I was pretty darn surprised, but I hadn’t heard from Blair Tindall in a while so I didn’t even know she was engaged. Blair, a fine oboist, was a sub here in San Jose (and all over the Bay Area) when she was attending Stanford.

I wish them both all the best.

But, more importantly, I’m wondering if a “Science Guy” might be able to figure out how to always make the perfect reed!

Well, maybe not. The marriage, that is. I’ve heard things aren’t as they were.

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