… and, who knows, maybe the only one? (We rarely get reviews in other papers, it seems.)

Anyway, the review is entirely favorable!

I wasn’t really sure if Mr. Scheinen was implying that Mimi and Rodolfo get back together at the end of the third act, but I’ve never thought that was the case. My understanding was that they were still together at the beginning of the third act (she was meeting with Marcello to talk about the problems they were having though), and by the end they are agreeing that they will split up, although they’ll wait until Spring. I’ve also always thought that Mimi tells him she’s leaving not because she doesn’t love him, but because she overheard him tell Marcell that she is dying, and she doesn’t want him to have to suffer through that. I guess I’ll have to read the libretto again. I could easily have gotten all this wrong. (And it’s been a long time since I’ve read the libretto.) Of course I also might be misunderstanding the review.

I’m just thrilled for the cast, though. How wonderful to have such a positive review come out so quickly!

Today’s performance was, in my opinion, even better than last night. But so much of how I feel about a performance is actually about how I felt about me. (Remember? It’s all about the oboe!) I’m not talking about only my playing, but just how comfortable I felt “being”. Today I felt better than last night. (Probably just no opening night jitters. I’m still befuddled that I would have opening night jitters on Bohème … what was with THAT?!)

Now we have a day off … maybe a day on which I’ll manage to get some decent reeds made?

I can dream, can’t I?


  1. Erm… Doesn’t the orchestra actually tune to the oboe? So, you see – in a way – it IS all about the oboe! Cudos on the great work and congrats on the excellent review! “…get some decent reeds made?” Never thought about that: At least I don’t need to have strings made for me.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Well now, you see? YOU know the Truth. Yes. With a capital T! Good for you … go to the head of the class. 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words!

    As to reeds … they are a curse, to be sure. If I could find a reed maker I liked, I’d gladly (well, in a resentful way) spend the $20 bucks (more or less … mostly more) a piece just to avoid making them myself. But I”ve ordered from so many and nothing ever works for me. We are all very picky about our reeds! It’s a pain in the mouth … but we gotta make ’em. Sigh.