15. February 2006 · Comments Off on Stupid Tooth · Categories: imported, Ramble

Aargh. I’ve had a little bit of a problem with a tooth for a while, similar to another time when I found out I had a cracked tooth and needed a crown. I’m assuming this is the same thing. I was really hoping to wait until I had a full week off, since I know I freak at the dentist and I remember how getting the crown work done last time really zapped me. But, alas, last night I kept waking up because my tooth was reacting any time cold air hit it.

Such is life.

So no exercise this morning before teaching at Santa Clara University. Instead I’ll go see my dentist and have him confirm what I’m already sure is true.

I realize that I expect to be treated like royalty. (As all oboists should be treated, really.) I just didn’t need or want another crown. (But you can send me a tiara if you’d like.)

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