21. February 2006 · Comments Off on Links · Categories: imported, Links

I do hope that readers here visit the links to other arts sites you see to the right of the blog. I enjoy each of the bloggers I list. You should too. Most of the blogs are just bunches smarter than my blog. I mean heaps and gobs and all sorts of stacks smarter. Honest.

I just added a new one, Prairie Oboe Companion, and with that title you just have to visit, don’t you think? I especially enjoyed the tale Jillian posted today. Believe me, I can relate to much of it. Sadly, I’ve never met a knight on a white horse. Sigh.

But I’ll keep waiting, hoping, and looking out for one. (Don’t worry, Dan … this is “only” about reeds!)

Meanwhile Anne-Carolyn Bird, star soprano and blogger of the concert, has a pretty darn cool picture, along with a link to a Times review that calls her “luminous”. Is that cool or what?

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