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The high school student mentioned in an article I referred to earlier located my site and has sent me his explanation to the newspaper article I referred to:

I would like to clear up what has been an extremely embarrassing event for me: the article in Greenwich Time that features my comments about MySpace. I assure you that this article does not accurately portray me, that my ridiculous MySpace page was made to parody a typical high school student, and that I was grossly misrepresented by Greenwich Time. During the interview with this local newspaper, I repeatedly told the reporter how silly and immature I find MySpace to be, yet what actually came out in the paper makes me look, as you point out, like an idiot. I also requested that my name not be printed in the paper which was, of course, ignored. Oboe is very important to me and I am presently auditioning for conservatories so I wish to reiterate that “drinking” is not my pastime at all. Again, this website was made entirely in jest; clearly, my goal in life is not to meet Jack Daniels! Please understand that I am quite contrary to how this article presents me. I am very sorry if I have inadvertently offended you. Thank you.

Sincerely, (unnamed student)

So there you have it. (And, just so readers know, I wasn’t offended.)

Some might wonder how I found the original article. Nearly every day I go to google, click on the news search, and do a search on “oboe”. I also search on bassoon, English horn, and various performing groups. Sometimes I run across some great articles this way.

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Have a look and listen! (First seen via Marc Geelhoed: Deceptively Simple.)

Thing is, our youngest used to sing this too. Kelsey was in the opera production when she was in middle school, and Jameson heard it so often he learned the opera as well. I’m sorry we didn’t ever tape him. He’s not.

Yet again, we oboists get a mention in an article. This time it’s about high school kids and nutrition. Go figure.

You can use a basic formula of 18 calories per pound of kid. So if you have a 150-pound point guard, a 150-pound running back, a 150-softball pitcher or a 150-pound oboe player they need to get about 2700 calories every day. And to breakdown this total, you can go 60% carbohydrates (maximum) and 20% each of protein (minimum) and fat.

Um. Okay. It’s good to be acknowledged. I guess.

And Here We Go Again
There’s a new article (at least I’m assuming it’s not the same as the one I linked to before) about playing unusual instruments for college perks. There are some funny little things in the article, as always. (One quote: He said the bassoon is “not that popular,” and requires “perfection in different areas.” … um … different than what? Or is he suggesting that it requires perfection in more than one area, which would be the same with any instrument? Ah well, he’s fifteen. I’ll give him some slack!)

Reading the article, though, assured me that I’m actually not overcharging. And we live in one of the costliest areas of the United States. As the article says (if one is to believe that proper research was done):

Even before a child enters the college sphere, parents can spend upwards of $15,000 on music lessons – an average of $50 per 45-minute lesson – from around age 7 or 8 until 18, Conley said.

Be aware: the less popular instruments are likely to cost more. One local retailer quoted a price of $3,000 for a low-end bassoon. Reeds, which experts say could last from five minutes to five days, cost around $15.

But let me repeat what I often say: Please play oboe because you love the sound, and you can’t imagine playing something else. Don’t choose it for the college perks. Trust me.

Enough for now. Time to get to Santa Clara University to teach!

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If you visit this article you’ll read about an oboist, and if you look further you’ll see you can view a slide show of reed making. (I’ve not gotten that far yet, so I can’t speak to what you’ll see.)

Just FYI.

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“Well, Someone’s Gotta Play Oboe,” Screams Frustrated Band Teacher”

-Headline found at The Onion