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The high school student mentioned in an article I referred to earlier located my site and has sent me his explanation to the newspaper article I referred to:

I would like to clear up what has been an extremely embarrassing event for me: the article in Greenwich Time that features my comments about MySpace. I assure you that this article does not accurately portray me, that my ridiculous MySpace page was made to parody a typical high school student, and that I was grossly misrepresented by Greenwich Time. During the interview with this local newspaper, I repeatedly told the reporter how silly and immature I find MySpace to be, yet what actually came out in the paper makes me look, as you point out, like an idiot. I also requested that my name not be printed in the paper which was, of course, ignored. Oboe is very important to me and I am presently auditioning for conservatories so I wish to reiterate that “drinking” is not my pastime at all. Again, this website was made entirely in jest; clearly, my goal in life is not to meet Jack Daniels! Please understand that I am quite contrary to how this article presents me. I am very sorry if I have inadvertently offended you. Thank you.

Sincerely, (unnamed student)

So there you have it. (And, just so readers know, I wasn’t offended.)

Some might wonder how I found the original article. Nearly every day I go to google, click on the news search, and do a search on “oboe”. I also search on bassoon, English horn, and various performing groups. Sometimes I run across some great articles this way.

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