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… so NOT what I want to be doing!

But, alas, I have costume work to do. Today was over ten hours of sewing. I’ve made a vest (plaid, and lined too) and a pair of Civil War style pants that were far too complicated. It certainly wasn’t fun, but at least I’m getting my chore over with. (Do I get mom points for this, I wonder?) I now have a few more things to sew. But not until Thursday; tomorrow and Wednesday are for teaching and English horn work. No matter what.

I hope.

I used to enjoy sewing. A lot. I used to enjoy working on my poetry too. (I keep hoping that will return.) And I used to love doing cross stitch. Oh, and I went through a phase where I made and sold earrings and barrettes. I am what I call a “hopper” … I hop from hobby to hobby. I guess I get bored after a while. (Although the cross stitch ended because of hand damage.)

Music is the only thing that I’ve not hopped to or from. I think part of the reason for this (aside from the fact that it is my profession!), is that it offers such variety. There is never any reason to get bored, really. I have opera, I have symphony, I have ballet (which can be good or bad!), I have chamber music. The list of composers is endless. And so much is so wonderful I can hardly express how the music makes me feel. I have great students, too.

It’s a good life! 🙂

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I want to be famous everywhere.

-Luciano Pavarotti