has left the building.

I’ll miss her.

Clarification: Canadienne had a blog. She has decided to put an end to the blog. For those of you who were wondering.

Yes. Today is Tuesday. Yes, this means I’m at Coffeetopia. Yes, I will admit it; I am drinking more coffee these days. And I feel no shame. Or very little shame. Or at least I’m in shame denial. Yeah. That’s most likely.

Coffee really didn’t taste great for a time, but it’s back to tasting just dandy, and this is “my” Tuesday place, and and and … oh yes! … I had filled in my Coffeetopia card so it was time for a free whatever. I’m having a Borgia. With no whip cream, mind you. (I don’t like whip cream on my coffee … it belongs elsewhere, if you ask me.) And attempting to relax and forget about the things I need to get accomplished. (I’m attempting accomplishment denial to match the shame one I’ve got going.)

With all my sewing yesterday, I wore only my mom hat for a full day, although not a good enough hat that I actually cooked dinner; poor Dan came home from a full day of work and had to put something together because once I start to sew a costume I have to keep going. It’s just the way I am. Or could this be responsibility denial? No … can’t be! I did offer to cook, if he preferred to sew instead. He seemed to think that was a poor idea. I believe he’s forgotten that he used to sew Frostline kits. Or maybe he didn’t want to admit it. Hmmm. But of course a Frostline kit isn’t the same as a Civil War era pair of pants.

Anyway, the mom hat was sticking with me through the night I guess. Or else it was the big “no-no” of having ice cream after 9:00 at night. But I couldn’t sleep. Rotten night. At 3:00 AM I finally got up and took a hot shower, which tends to make me drowsy. Ahhh … sleep! Then I woke up later than I planned, and couldn’t don the mom hat for even the fifteen minutes it takes to get Jameson to school. Bad me.

So now it’s back to music & teacher hats. At least until tonight when Jameson performs in the school’s “Mozart & Motown” concert.

I think most musicians wear a lot of hats. I suppose most people do, really. It’s just that we have to change them so quickly, and so often during the course of one day.

Or maybe I’m just bad at changing hats. I dunno.

What a silly ramble. I am not in denial about that!

28. February 2006 · Comments Off on MQOD · Categories: imported, Quotes

Perfectly and painfully encapsulating in reality this conundrum, today I am punished for yesterday’s pleasure with a significant amount of sunburn, which could have been avoided so easily. I have tried to atone by spending spectacular amounts of money on aloe lotions. It is clear to one and all from my vivid face that I am a beach novice who fell into the stupidest of traps, and so this morning I put on my Johann Sebastian Bach T-shirt as a way of explaining. “You see, everybody, I’m really a classical musician and I think about Bach a lot and that’s why I forgot to put on sunscreen.” Perhaps though people won’t read so deeply into the shirt as I imagine, and they will just see a sunburned fool.

-Jeremy Denk

Please read the rest of his blog today. It’s wonderful! I’d post the whole things here but … well … just go read it at his place ( called Think Denk), okay?