Kelsey was a fan of strong bad (are you still, Kelsey?). In visiting Sarah’s site I saw a little mention that included yours truly (although I spell my name with a “y” … as in “Why, why why?!?”) and reading what Sarah wrote caused me to check the link she provided. Because of course it is all about the oboe. Or me. Or both. Or something.

Anyway, it’s strong bad at his strongest and baddest I suppose. At least at his strangest. If you aren’t a fan you might not want to spend the time hearing the whole thing. But if you are … well … he mentions the oboe (in a most silly way) and isn’t that just grand?

Ah yes … oboe shoes. Good old oboe shoes.

UPDATE: Sarah has fixed my name at her site. Isn’t that kind of her? I think so. Even more important, though, was her message to me; she clearly understands the importance of oboe shoes! She should really be an oboe player. Yes. Indeed.

About my name: I really wanted my name to be spelled with an “i” when I was young. My father told me I couldn’t, and it was one of my few acts of obedience to keep it with a “y”. I also wanted it with “ie” for a time. For some reason I thought I’d appear to be cuter if my name was spelled with the “i” or “ie”. Now I like it with the “y”. I guess I’m not into trying to be cute anymore. (And do I need the quotation marks around all these letters? It just seems easier to see them as letters that way, but maybe I’m wrong.)

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  1. Fixed and fixed.

    You know, I  know it’s with a y.  I’m usually pretty good about the whole spelling thing, because it kidnda drives me nuts when people leave off the h in Sarah.

    But, yeah, if I only had oboe shoes, maybe I would pay attention to spelling…