09. March 2006 · Comments Off on Musical Listening Test · Categories: imported, Links

You can take this musical listening test and see how you score. You will hear 30 pairs of tunes and you are to determine of the pair is the same or “slightly” different. The thing is, the ones that aren’t the same are more than slightly different. I kept waiting for trickier pairs. Yes, I’m the sort who always thinks there will be trick questions! Don’t expect anything close to slightly different and you’ll manage a perfect score. Really. If you are like me you’ll finally think, “Hmmm. That one must have had one small change I didn’t detect,” and manage to score 29 our of 30. I needed to trust my ears and not assume everyone likes to trick us, I suppose.

And yeah, I’m embarrassed that I missed one. Sigh. Very silly of me, really. As I clicked “different” I even thought, “You are being stupid.” Go figure.

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