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Someone landed here by doing a search on “ban music for the oboe”. I’m hoping what they meant was “band” not “ban”. You know? Although “orchestra” would be better than “band”. 🙂

But give Nahat full credit for understanding the complexity of Sergei Prokofiev’s score (performed beautifully by a full orchestra conducted by Dwight Oltman).

Found here. (San Francisco Chronicle)

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Ominous fears, perhaps as ominous as the feud between the Capulets and Montagues, have been running that this might be the last time a BSJSV repertory program will afford using an orchestra, If so, enjoy it while you can. The familiar figures of the city’s symphony are in the pit, Dwight Oltman is conducting, and the grand Prokofiev score emerges superbly throughout the three acts.

Yet another review, with the above worrisome paragraph. (www.artssf.com)

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In excellent condition, however, was the orchestra, missing for most of the season, under Dwight Oltman. The dancers must have been grateful for its return. So were we.

Found at the end of this review. (San Jose Mercury News)

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The second big challenge has been learning not to judge this woman: I’ve got to learn to love this woman, but a big part of me wants to slap her; part of me wants to say to her: “Get over it! Find another man, honey! Move on with your life!” Or worse, on my really grumpy days: “Just kill yourself already!”

-Audra McDonald (from her online journal, commenting on La Voix Humaine)

I love so much of what Ms. McDonald has to say. Check it out!