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As with every performance, both Romeo and Juliet died. Poor kids.

Our final Romeo & Juliet performance was this afternoon. I never grew weary of the music, but I sure did get tired! Three hours is a long sit (and yesterday we had two shows … that’s pretty hard on the old body!) and the chairs we have aren’t exactly wonderful.

Today’s audience was the largest. It was so nice to see so many seats filled, as we haven’t had large audiences for this production. I certainly hope we will continue to have a ballet company here, but I do wonder.

Tomorrow I have a concert with Lincoln High School’s chamber choir (which includes our son Jameson) and then it’s on to a small bit of Mozart. Symphony Silicon Valley is doing a full Mozart set, but the only things I’ll play in are the Overture to Don Giovanni and one aria from the same opera. I’m not sure why Mozart didn’t include oboes in his Requiem but he didn’t, we’re doing it, and so the oboes are finished after the first half of the performance. I’ll certainly sit in the audience and listen, though; it’s a beautiful work.

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Prokofiev’s musical score is a tough read and calls for a small symphony orchestra, but conductor Dwight Oltman and his players integrated flawlessly with the dancers.

Complete review here.

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We all drew on the comfort which is given out by the major works of Mozart, which is as real and material as the warmth given up by a glass of brandy.

-Rebecca West (Black Lamb and Grey Falcon)