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It’s very difficult to play. But an instrument should be difficult to play. That’s the only way to master musical materials, by overcoming these difficulties.

-John Eaton (referring to a new Moog creation)

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So I’m at Mission City Coffee Roasting Co.; I’ve not been here since sometime last year. It’s the same but for the service. Sigh. The incredibly attractive woman who is manning (womaning?) the counter is busy talking to a man who is wearing tight leather pants. Wearing a lame looking t-shirt with said pants. I am trying not to look at him. I’m trying not to glare at her. (My “toasted bagel” wasn’t even warm and certainly not toasted.) It’s not as crowded here as it was when I used to come here … I wonder if there’s a good reason. Heh.

I do see the group of male bicyclists who were here when last I visited. They are older men, and I love seeing them yak and have a good time … just makes me happy to know they are still doing the bike thing and then get together here. One has unmatched grey socks. Made me smile.

But Moving On …
Because I still have my emusic subscription I’m learning about composers I’d never heard of. This has been great fun! I’m also finding out that there are a heck of a lot of oboists to be listened to. This morning I drove here playing composer Nikos Skalkottas … this CD in particular. (You’ll see the oboe reason for my downloading it, I’m sure.) The oboist is Alexei Ogrintchouk. New name to me.

Anyway, I’m finding emusic to be quite fun (and addictive) and if any of you want to join and feel like giving my name as the person who recommended it to you I’ll get some free downloads. So let me know … I think I have to send you an invitation or some such thing to get any credit.

Today the Symphony Silicon Valley Mozart Requiem set begins. I’ll be playing, as I’ve mentioned before, only the Overture to Don Giovanni and one aria from the same opera. Easy set. Great music. I can live with that!

Hotel California is playing over the speakers right now. In Spanish. Just so you know.

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A man must serve his time to every trade save censure — critics all are ready made.

-Lord Byron