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I visit A Sort of Notebook frequently, and Waterfall recently had a post that made me smile. I hope she won’t mind that I’m cutting and pasting some of that blog entry here:

As far as the sound of an instrument, I think the oboe is without question has the most beautiful sound in the entire orchestra. When the oboe plays–even if it’s not soloing–it’s like all of the other instruments are just humming in the background. My heartbeat seems to quicken just a little bit whenever I hear that lovely, familiar, mournful sound among the others. It has a warmth to it that the other instruments (except for the piano, which is just a little bit warmer) don’t seem to have.

Do you know that sense of familiarity you get whenever you hear your name called out in a crowd? Someone may be calling out to someone else, but you turn anyway because it’s your name. Well, that’s the same feeling I get when I hear a piano or an oboe. It’s understandable with the piano, since I’ve played it for so long, but it’s kind of a strange thing with the oboe.

Either my weird, part-deaf ears are specially tuned to the oboe (this may very well be the case), or else I’m a closet oboist wanna-be.

It’s probably my weird ears, seeing as they hear certain pitches acutely, others as merely rumblings, and still others not at all. But still, maybe I should hang out with Patty and Hilda just a bit more …

So yes … LET’S HANG OUT TOGETHER! Even if you don’t play oboe, we can do duets and trios with piano, right? What do ya say? Hilda?

Darn distance issues. 🙁

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