I’m not really sure what he thought about the performance.


  1. Well, one thing he said about the Requiem was, “Performances of the work in recent decades
    have ranged from full-bodied grandeur to sharply edged drama. Cleve
    took a road in between, tending toward the former. Had he favored the
    latter, in dynamics and pace, the choral episodes could have stood out
    more vividly, one from the other.”  This strikes me as saying in 48 words what I said in two: “lacked bite.”

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    He also had what I thought were more positive things to say. But I could have misread and as I have a student in 15 minutes I’m not going there now … warm up time!

    But I do wonder if the Requiem is supposed to have “bite”. I just don’t know. I’m not as familiar with the work as I am of a lot of Mozart’s works. Hmmm. Wonder why …?! 😉

    I have to say that working with George for the past three sets has been a total delight and I’m sorry he isn’t working with the symphony next year.