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She makes you want to play better than you ever played in your life, and then she makes it impossible.

-an unidentified musician, commenting on Sarah Caldwell, who died this past Thursday

Some of the most creative work that many of us artists have done has been with Sarah. Some of the most aggravating, as well. She had a million different ways to do one thing and was never satisfied until she had tried them all.

-Beverly Sills

Ms. Caldwell certainly sounds like an interesting person. I never saw her conduct, but did know of her reputation. Read another article here. (Both of these links thanks to Alex Ross. And for something else at his site, read this. Plagiarists have such a gift, don’t you think?)

25. March 2006 · Comments Off on MQOD · Categories: imported, Quotes

When you play music you discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed.

-Bill Evans