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Does this oboe sound make you laugh as much as it made me laugh? (Be sure and have your sound on.)

Oh dear, oh dear.

If you don’t know why this is funny, please contact me and I’ll explain. Really.

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I can’t say for sure, but it looks like maybe a Loree oboe being sold on eBay is a scam. Be warned! I’d post a link here, but I’m not sure how that all works lawsuit wise, and I can’t afford being sued. And, of course, the IDRS folks who are all writing about this may also be incorrect in their saying it’s a scam. But they are usually right. I wrote to the seller, asking some questions, as did some IDRS members. No one ever answered our questions. This makes us even more skeptical. The measuring tape showing the length of the instrument and then measuring the case as well kind of seals the coffin, so to speak. Let this be your warning.

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The Baseball Music Project, started in 2004 by a group of professional musicians united by their love of baseball and music, aims to increase awareness of both. Sunday’s performance by the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra was the first in a nationwide tour of symphony orchestras and concert halls.

I’m not the only musician who loves baseball, you know. And to think I drove near Bakersfield on Sunday, too. (Shortly after listening to the Giants manage to lose a baseball game that, when I tuned in, was 5-0 Giants, and ended 5-6 Padres. Sigh.)

You can read a wee bit more about the specific Bakersfield concert here. (Registration is required … but have you ever heard for bugmenot.com? Handy.) But there is also a Baseball Music Project site. Cool!

In Other News…
My drive home was rather uneventful, and music-wise wasn’t very extensive. Driving through LA and then until it was over, I listened to the game. (When I tuned in, in the fifth inning, I thought, “Oh great! We can’t possibly lose this one!” Sigh.) Then it was some of that romantic Italian music … no, not opera … just songs. (You could sing me the dictionary in Italian and I’d probably swoon. If I really knew how to swoon. But you get the idea.) From there I let Mozart get me nearly home, listening to wind divertimenti, serenades and the oboe quartet. I was planning on listening to Piston’s The Incredible Flutist (suite), because I’ll be coaching that with San Jose Youth Symphony, along with coaching the Ives, but I put it on and immediately decided I was definitely not in the mood!