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… from two symphony rehearsals.

I am truly enjoying William Boughton; he’s a fine conductor and is, I think, causing us to listen more and pay attention to the little things we sometimes manage to ignore. I like his rehearsal technique, and I think this weekend’s concerts will be mighty fine.

Having rehearsed the entire Sibelius now, I’m loving it. I wasn’t certain what to make of it when I was looking at my lone part and listening to the CD. Somehow hearing it live makes a huge difference to me. It’s got some fun second oboe parts in it, too. (I have played the work before, but it was back in 1981, and I only played assistant principal.)

Maestro Boughton calls us “recreatives” which I think is an excellent term. (Or would that be “re-creatives”?)

More later. I’ve written down a few of his comments because they were so good and worth repeating. You’ll see them here soon. For now it’s time to get to bed; tomorrow I drive to Napa to pick up my English horn and falling asleep at the wheel isn’t allowed. Then I have two students and falling asleep while teaching isn’t allowed either. Finally I have another symphony rehearsal and … yeah, you know … no sleeping allowed. 🙂

I sure do love my job!

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The first picture here cracks me up.

Yeah, I know it explains that it’s the women’s clothing crate right below the picture. But it doesn’t say women’s clothing on the box now, does it? So it is funny. To me anyway.

It would be funny to you, too, if you had my (non)sense of humor.

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While others were engaged in manufacturing cocktails, I offered the public pure cold water.

-Jean Sibelius