29. March 2006 · Comments Off on Home · Categories: imported, Ramble

… from two symphony rehearsals.

I am truly enjoying William Boughton; he’s a fine conductor and is, I think, causing us to listen more and pay attention to the little things we sometimes manage to ignore. I like his rehearsal technique, and I think this weekend’s concerts will be mighty fine.

Having rehearsed the entire Sibelius now, I’m loving it. I wasn’t certain what to make of it when I was looking at my lone part and listening to the CD. Somehow hearing it live makes a huge difference to me. It’s got some fun second oboe parts in it, too. (I have played the work before, but it was back in 1981, and I only played assistant principal.)

Maestro Boughton calls us “recreatives” which I think is an excellent term. (Or would that be “re-creatives”?)

More later. I’ve written down a few of his comments because they were so good and worth repeating. You’ll see them here soon. For now it’s time to get to bed; tomorrow I drive to Napa to pick up my English horn and falling asleep at the wheel isn’t allowed. Then I have two students and falling asleep while teaching isn’t allowed either. Finally I have another symphony rehearsal and … yeah, you know … no sleeping allowed. 🙂

I sure do love my job!

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