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… for me anyway.

Tonight was the dress rehearsal. Everything was more difficult. Counting. Note attacks. Intonation. I hate when this happens, and yet it seems to happen frequently to yours truly. I’m not sure what it is about the dress, but I tend to have difficulties with things that shouldn’t be difficult, and of course the difficult things are even more difficult than I expect. Go figure. And the Sibelius … well … it’s deceptively difficult and it’s about playing with the group, not sitting at home going over my little part. So now I fret for a time, and then pull myself together for the performances.

The reed I had thought would be “the reed” is acting up. Stupid reeds. Stupid weather. And how stupid is it that no one has ever sent me reeds, I ask you!? I do check my post office box, you know?

Still, with all my whining (I’m an oboe player and it’s a prerequisite) I’m looking forward to the concert.

Tomorrow I teach, have a recital rehearsal, and of course the Symphony Silicon Valley concert. It’s a full day, with a drive to and from Santa Cruz included. The following day we have an hour of sleep stolen from us. This is simply not a good idea and anyone who thinks it is is just plain wrong.

I speak the truth.

It’ll be interesting to see how full Sunday’s concert will be. It’s sold out … but will everyone remember to set their clocks ahead and hour? I wonder.

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