So … we are playing music by Beethoven (German) about a Flemish man (Egmont). We are playing Grieg (Norwegian) and Sibelius (Finnish). Someone decided we should make this concert—full of angsty and somewhat tragic music—more viewer friendly. So while their ears and hearts might be in anguish, their eyes will be full of color and maybe even joy.

Yeah. Sigh.

We are all supposed to don costumes. We can even wear headgear if we can locate it. Those of us with German, Dutch, Finnish or Norwegian blood are supposed to attempt to throw together a costume of that nationality. (Anyone have any wooden shoes or lederhosen?) If we don’t have a heritage of one of those sorts, we are to dream up our particular national heritage costume. (Can anyone say “Patty is a mutt!”?)

I have an old dress I made years ago called an “Afghani nomad dress” but I don’t know that that will work. I’m really not from Afghanistan; I just liked the dress. I used to have a dress made of an Indian (East) bedspread (remember those days?) but I can’t find it and, again, I doubt I have Indian blood in me either. I have a dress that looks sort of like an early American sort of thing, but I doubt I can fit into it any longer.

Why, oh why, can’t we wear black like always? I love black. Black is my favorite.

So too bad the concert is sold out, eh? You might have wanted to check the mess out.

Oh. And have a great April 1st. 😉


  1. Can you make a dog costume? Really play up the “mutt” idea? 🙂

    Yes … carry a meaty bone or a box of doggy biscuits. Set a dog bowl next to your feet in the orchestra. Drag out a dog house.. Wear your usual black, and if anyone asks, tell them you’re a mutt, and that your costume is that of a part black lab mix of some sort.

    Yeah. That’ll work. 🙂

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    And that is exactly what I shall do. I will also add some barking to the concert.

    Heck. Why not?! 😉