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The Sunday matinee audience was a bit less enthusiastic than Saturday’s crowd but that often seems to be the case. I’m never sure if it’s that they are pickier, or if Sunday afternoon is a bit of a sleepy time. Or perhaps it’s a bit of both, eh? Jon Nakamatsu offered up one encore rather than the two he gave last night. Today was Schubert and I can’t tell you what last night’s were, but I’m guessing a reviewer will fill me in. Sadly, my piano repertoire knowledge is quite limited.

The concert went well. I did have to really concentrate, as I was as tired as can be. Funny how a time change can do that to me, eh? I love how Mr. Nakamatsu plays the Grieg, and his encores were wonderful. The Beethoven Overture is one that has so little second oboe I feel close to unnecessary. The same goes for the Grieg, in fact. But the Sibelius certainly has it’s fair share of second oboe parts that can be heard, and there’s not must resting until it’s finished. I prefer that to feeling unnecessary.

Oh … and I promised some quotes from Maestro Boughton (whom I’m enjoyed quite a bit), so here they are:

  • You’re musicians, not bank clocks!
  • Re-creative artists are investigators.
  • You can’t expect the audience to feel anything if you don’t.
  • You just have to believe in a corporate pulse.
  • Well, see! Grieg new best. Strange, that.
  • Don’t impose yourself until you really know the work throroughly.
  • Always look out for the little notes—like minorities.

Fun quotes. At least I thought so.

So … now that’s done and I move on to Don Giovanni. I love playing Mozart, so I’m looking forward to it.

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Personally, as a gamer, I’d rather see Mario and Solid Snake up on screen, instead of the oboe player.

– Tommy Tallarico, VGL executive producer, and games composer