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He liked it a little more.

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At least the dogs like us I guess!

(Link found at The Well-Tempered Blog.

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A huge thank you to Kim Pensinger Witman for this blog about juggling. Because it takes you here. You have to have the sound on. You have to have 4 minutes and 27 seconds of time. And I’m sure’ it’s best if you have a fast connection. But wow.

I’ve always been fascinated by juggling. I suppose it’s partly because I’m a total klutz. But I find it beautiful and mesmerizing. We own the video of In Motion with Michael Moschen and I love that video. Guess I should see if we can find it on DVD since I’m guessing the video is getting pretty old by now. You can see Michael Moschen’s site here. Go to this page to see some movies. Really. He’s amazing.

Of course the big question is can either of these guys make an oboe reed?!