05. April 2006 · Comments Off on I Liked This! · Categories: imported, Ramble

Back to the Wolf Trap Opera bog of Kim Pensinger Witman. Today she blogged about classical music, the future, whether it (we?) matter or not. Lots of stuff. (And she and I are the same age, too … so whatever she says and thinks must be right … right?!) But anyway, the blog entry ended with this:

What a great game those Lady Terps played. I taught briefly at Maryland, so I feel as if I can take vicarious pride. But would I enjoy basketball as much if my daughter hadn’t played in high school? If I hadn’t spent all those hours at scrimmages, games, and practices? No. Got the parallel? It’s not the only reason that sports audiences are far larger than music audiences, but if our kids don’t get close to the music, there’s less of a chance they’ll find a reason to make room in their lives and hearts when they grow up.


Oh yeah … I’m not practicing OR doing taxes yet. Sigh.

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