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“Science has come an awful long way in the last 250 years,” Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart told a Symphony Hall audience of about 2,000 parents and young children during a family concert.

But is “awful” correct? I thought it should be “awfully”. If he says “awful” doesn’t that mean that the long way that science has come is awful rather than good? Hmmm. Dunno. My grammar ain’t always so good.

Thoughts? (About the “awful” not about the quote … it’s sort of a “big duh” thing to say, isn’t it?)

The article is here in case you are interested in what this quote is about!

Thanks for the link, Kelsey!

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I taught only one student this morning because I had a rehearsal. That student, normally my 9:45 AM (first of the morning guy), agreed to show up at 9:00. Isn’t that nice of him? I think so! (I do seem to recall my piano lessons were even earlier than that, though, when I was in elementary school.) One of my three Saturday AM oboe students is out of town anyway (out of the country with her work, in fact), but the other wasn’t able to reschedule so we had to skip this week. (This is why I charge weekly; what with my crazy schedule I just have a difficult time imagining always making a monthly charge work. I don’t want to owe anyone a lesson.) I hate canceling lessons. Ah well. (The “Good Day” reference in my subject header isn’t about the two students I didn’t see; I DID miss them.)

After the student, I raced over the hill to UCSC for the 11:00 AM rehearsal for Sara’s recital. We rehearsed the Stravinksy first. I’ll tell you, I think Stravinsky was a mean, mean man sometimes! He makes the poor principal oboist play low Bs over and over and wants them to be piano if not softer. I’m on second oboe and English horn. Why didn’t Stravinsky think to give those low notes to either the second oboist (who is usually set with reeds for low notes and certainly expects them more) or put it on English horn? I’d love to ask him about that! I do like the Stravinsky Cantata. I think I’d like to find a recording of it, though, so I can understand it better.

As the rehearsal moved on to a work that didn’t involve me I drove down to get some lunch. About $4 later I had my Taco Bell chicken quesadilla and soda. (I was feeling very cheap … and, I confess, I felt like fast food!)

Driving back up the hill I ate and listened to a bit of Giants talk about that (horrible, no good) game last night and then about today’s game.

Back on campus I went into an office where I could get WiFi access and read a wee bit, but it was time for the Tailleferre very soon after that. This was the first rehearsal of the work for me, so I was enjoying learning a new, very easily playable work.

Oh … and great job, Sara … I’m so pleased that I am able to do this recital with you!

Going home it was a whole lotta fun to listen to the Giants beating the Braves.

I’m now resting on the couch watching the Giants, who are just about finished with the game (12-6 Woo Hoo!). I found this blog with a nice mention of my site (thanks!). I’ve had two extremely wonderful brownies with some milk. When this game is over it’s nap time for me.

Who could ask for a better day, eh?

Oh … and Game Over! (12-6)

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You had been showing such remarkable restraint. Haydn would have thought that he’d tanked.

-David Robertson (From a SLSO blog entry talking to students who were unable to hold back applause after the second movement Haydn’s 103rd (Drumroll, indeed!) Symphony. Read the entire thing here.)