13. April 2006 · Comments Off on Thinking … · Categories: imported, Ramble

I’m pondering the “getting new ears into the seats” thing. (Well, okay, the ears aren’t what go into the seats, but I think you know what I mean!) Because Drew is doing the TAFTO thing again. Because my son mentioned how ancient people looked at a concert he attended. Because I read this and this. So I’ve been thinking about this a bit.

But today and tomorrow are crazy insane days, between Don G, a recital and teaching. So it’ll have to wait. And when I wait sometimes I wait forever. Other things come up. I hope I do manage to put my thoughts into writing, though. And I hope they make some sense. But don’t count on it! (“I’m an oboe player, Jim, not a scholar.” Oh … and please tell me I’m not losing you by writing that here ..?)

I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking, and I’m still alive, and the blog has just had to be a bit less bloggy for a time.

And now off to opera rehearsal.