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There’s a nice article on Alex Klein, who will be at Oberlin this week.

And then there’s this article which includes this:

“When I bought 140 acres of land off Shaver Road and talked with my wife, we decided to call it Maestro Acres after the composers. Beethoven is the main street, but we also have Mozart, Bach and others.”

You might have noticed, though, that Maestro Acres spells the name of German composer Robert Schumann as Shuman. That’s because the city of Portage insisted that Roberts make it that way. People would have a hard time spelling it if it was “Schumann,” Roberts said.

Of course, if that was true, why not “Baytoven,” or “Showpan,” or “List,” or “Bock” streets?

Heh. Funny.

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Music provides the avenue for people to meditate upon the great events of the salvation, which, for Christians, is the life of Jesus, his death and resurrection.

-Anthony DiCello (Found here.)

(Sigh. I wish I could hear some good music in a church! But, alas, the churches around here don’t touch the kind of music I like. Somehow it’s considered too intellectual or difficult to listen to or just not their kind ‘o stuff. I wonder if I’ll ever find a church that I can connect with both theologically and musically. I’m doubting it. Call me a doubting Thomas if you’d like. And I hope you all know where “doubting Thomas” came from.)

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Home from getting my hair cut. Jameson has on a video of Sondheim music. They are singing “Sunday”. It gets me every time, and if I try to say aloud, “This gets me every time,” I start to cry.

How does that work?!