Struggling to make it, a violinist is pondering dumping the music thing. I read about this first here. Along with this post and this there’s some interesting reading.


I know that if I had to drop this career ‘o mine I couldn’t possibly go into Law. Not smart enough. Not bold enough. Definitely not willing to do the work. I’ve tried to figure out what I could do. My only other jobs were Winchell’s Donuts cashier, Books Inc. cashier and later bookkeeper, and music librarian. What if I lost a finger? What if I suffered focal dystonia (as has happened to other musicians)? Just what would I do? I honestly don’t know!

Notice I’m not contemplating what would happen if all the groups I am involved in crashed and burned. I don’t even want to go there.

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I went to work one morning, and outside my door was Cindy Crawford in a black bra, and I thought that very clearly the building is making progress in integrating itself into various layers of our culture.

-Esa-Pekka Salonen (Article here.)