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“It doesn’t make sense to have an orchestra in a town of less than 5,000,” said Lora Lynn Snow, an oboist who co-founded the symphony in 1989. “But we do. It is happening.”

Read about the orchestra—and their generous benefactor—here. The eighty-nine year old not only donated money, but also heard the orchestra for the first time just last night.

Generosity like Ann Carson Dater’s makes my heart happy. And hearing about a small town with a symphony orchestra is really wonderful!

(Paragraph omitted. Rich person was idolized. Rich person has turned into real, extremely unkind person. So never mind.)

There is always the part of me that feels “less than” and sometimes simply jealous of those who have more. However I did choose this profession, and I love it. So I need to stifle the “what ifs” and the “life isn’t fair” (duh … I’ve been telling my kids that forever!) and even the “I can’t even have a real vacation” thing and appreciate what has been given to us as an orchestra (well, really orchestras since Symphony Silicon Valley and Opera San Jose are two separate orchestras with some overlapping members) and to me as an individual and stop my pouting. (Yes, I’ve been in pouting mode recently. It happens. I always recover.)

How many people get to sit with a group of musicians and perform masterworks for a (near) living? How many get to sit in the middle of an orchestra and be blanketed in the sound? It’s a blessing. It’s a treat. And I love it!

So hoorah for the patrons of the arts. And thank you. Thank God for those who have enough that they can generously help out arts organizations and other groups in need of financial help. We don’t send appreciation your way nearly enough. So I applaud you all now. (Can you hear me clapping?) 🙂

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