23. April 2006 · Comments Off on Symphony Parnassus · Categories: Concert Announcements, imported

The people in the Symphony Parnassus have real jobs.

Well, okay, my jobs are real too. I haven’t made them up. Honest! They don’t appear only in my dreams. I even receive (sometimes small) paychecks for what I do.

But the people in the Symphony Parnassus receive (much larger, I suspect) paychecks for their “real” jobs and then they perform on the side. And it sounds like it helps them de-stress.

How funny. What is stressful for me is not stressful for them.

I’m not sure what this means, really. Does it mean I’m stressing unnecessarily? Does it mean they are the stronger sorts. Does it mean they are better players? Or does it mean they are less picky?

I dunno!

But I’ll still keep my stressful (their nonstressful) gig. 🙂

Read about the concert they have today here. They are performing Barber’s Knoxville: Summer of 1915 along with The Lark Ascending by Vauhan-Williams and Mahler’s first. Great program!

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