Sometimes I just wanna be a kid again. I watched this slide show, with music, of Curtis and I vaguely remember being young and playing in the orchestra and I remember the great joy (and tremendous nerves) of that time. Granted, I wasn’t at a music conservatory and my orchestral experience while in college was primarily with the San Jose Symphony (RIP) (I did play in the SJSU orchestra for a couple of years, but they wrote the BM requirements in such a way that I didn’t continue with school performing groups for the full four years).

I wonder about the music and pictures in the slide show, though; they are playing Stravinsky The Firebird but then they show a piano soloist (probably someone I’m supposed to recognize but don’t … yikes … shame on me!) taking a bow. Isn’t that sort of weird? I would have thought they’d have a piano concerto playing, considering the pictures. But what do I know?

And I’m also wishing we’d do The Firebird with Symphony Silicon Valley. Maybe someday? I’ll never forget my experience hearing it played at Flint Center at De Anza College, with Marc Lifschey on oboe. When he came in with the solo he filled every inch of the room with his amazing, beautiful, velvety, rich sound. I had never heard that sort of beauty before. He was quite the musician.

I should have read the article that went with the slide show. Then I would have known the soloist was Gary Graffman and that the concert was in his honor. I also would have heard some more sound clips. (Now I have.)


  1. Of course, the berceuse bassoon solo is the most important part of the piece.  Never forget, its all about the bassoon!!


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Right. Whatever you say.

    Of course should one take seriously a person who can’t properly spell “it’s”? 😉

  3. You beat me to the punch – i was going to comment that the pianist was Gary Graffman.  Quite an epoch change in the making these days here!