All my friends are intelligent, but our musical tastes do not necessarily intersect. So what? They don’t think I?m a snob because I get more out of classical music than any other variety, and I don’t think they’re uncultured idiots because they prefer something else. We have achieved peaceful coexistence without pretending that we’re alike in our aesthetic needs and choices.

-James Reel (read the rest here)

I appreciate Mr. Reel’s words. I’m not sure they are quite true for all of us; some people have called me a snob. But oh well. For the most part we do all get along. And if someone thinks I’m a snob that’s not really my problem. Unless I really am. And if I really am I probably don’t care anyway.

You know?

But really … I just don’t think we have to all enjoy all kinds of music, or try to mix with all those who like different kinds of music. I don’t want to go to a rock concert. Why should I care if people who go to rock concerts don’t want to come to something I’m in? It’s no biggie.

As long as we all like baseball.

Okay. Maybe not even that.

I do recall one music lover getting into quite an agitated state, saying that classical music lovers are so closed minded and won’t listen to anything else and how awful we are. She, on the other hand, had never listened to classical music. But apparently that was different. It all reminded me of those people who won’t tolerate people who they deem intolerant. I just can’t argue with someone like that. There’s usually no point.

I like my classical music box. I don’t care that it’s not as crowded as Britney Spears’. I don’t like crowds anyway.

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It’s been far too long since I’ve updated the current symphony auditions page. I do apologize … sometimes I just can’t keep up with everything! Do check the page out; there are some upcoming auditions there now. I also cleaned up the past audition repertoire lists page. Just for fun. 🙂

Last night I couldn’t see how I could possibly wake up this morning and go exercise. This morning I woke up before the alarm went off. Funny how that happens. So I did exercise. And I know I’m better off for it. (Never any thinner though. Ah well!)

Now it’s time to look at those reeds and check out the oboe and see what’s up. Things always look better when one isn’t exhausted!

Reeds, here I come. (Some of them might be in duck and cover mode because they know they are goners if they don’t behave. Poor reeds. But that’s life in oboe city.)

Reeds & Hot Water
Have an old, dead reed? Folks at the IDRS were talking about the hot water treatment. I don’t know if any of you have tried that, but I use it when I know a reed is fried but I want just one more—okay, sometimes even more than one—day with it. The “more dead” (yes, I know dead is dead most of the time, but we’re talking oboe reeds here!) the hotter the water. I don’t soak them for long, but it seems to help. One IDRS member suggests that what this does is help an old, closed reed absorb more water and open up a bit more. Try it! You might get to experience a resurrection of sorts. Not an everlasting one, mind you. I’m still waiting for someone to create an Everlasting Reed™. Now wouldn’t that make life wonderful? C’mon, you know it would!